Sunday, July 27, 2008

HR Insight

This week Gautam Ghosh spurred the discussion on HR Metrics with “What would be metrics that a HR Generalist would need to keep in mind, apart from retention and attrition metrics?”. Especially, I liked the way he captured the essence of HR Analytics with the following three bullet points.

“1. Orientation Metrics - How soon can people start being productive after they join. These would be subjective measures usually, but can be objective for certain jobs - How many days/months it takes for the new accountant to process invoices to a standard etc.
2. Development Metrics - These would depend on the nature of the industry - but a generalist could be evaluated on how many employees get promoted or are on the fast track development program as part of the talent management process.
3. Bench metrics- This is related to point 2 above but needs to be seen as a business metric more. How many people are there who are ready to take over the key roles in the business if the current incumbent does not come to office tomorrow?”

In addition to the above that Gautam identified, I would add the following metrics that provide visibility to the effectiveness of Talent Acquisition, Workplace Safety, Employee Satisfaction and Pay for Performance practices.
1. Talent Acquisition metrics: Metrics to measure the effectiveness of Talent Acquisition practices - What is the average aging of open requisitions? What positions take longest to fill?
2. Workplace Safety metrics: How many injuries are reported? Where are the risk areas?
3. Employee Satisfaction Survey metrics: How satisfied employees are with the workplace? % of favorable responses to survey - do you recommend working here to your close friend/relative?
4. Pay for Performance effectiveness metrics: How people are paid conducive to their performance?

Figure: Web 2.0 fortified HR Insight Courtesy: Workstream

Any other key HR metrics that you think of? Please add to the list with your comment.


Raja said...

In addition to above - I would add Headcount by multiple catagories like Facility they work in (Service Area/Location), Union, Business Units, Core/Non Core, Jobcode, Cost Center, Shift they work in, Ethnic Groups, Sex, Age.

and Count of Employee Movements (Transfers) across above categories.

along with Retention, Attrition - HR will need count of Open Req by above cateogries, Time to Fill, Blank Fills, Average Age of Open Requisitions

Gopi Padakandla said...

Lots of good information. Thanks for the response Raja.

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