Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Global is your Talent Management Platform?

As more and more Talent Management vendors claim globally capable, it is increasingly becoming difficult for organizations to assess the level of globalization & localization enabled by these vendor platforms. Depending on architectural maturity, different Talent Management vendor platforms may have varying degrees of support for multi-language, multi-currencies, local compliance and data security. What really matters is the ability of Talent Management platform to support a combination of all of these to enable business agility and visibility.

For example, consider a global Compensation scenario where a centralized compensation department in headquarters administers the overall job families, levels and codes. However, the salary structures and grades are defined at country level to ensure alignment with the local market trends. However, a line manager managing a global team should have cohesive visibility to overall team performance along with the country specific guidelines for pay awards. On the same token the county level data protection policies mean the HR Administrators in one country should not have access to personal data of employee in other countries. In addition, the country level aggregated metrics may be visible to the authorized senior executives for benchmark purposes.
Figure: Planning Tool for Global Line Managers; Courtesy: Workstream (see disclaimer in side layout)
To support this complex use case the Talent Management platform should
1. Enable line managers with a cohesive Pay for Performance tool to manage global teams. The platform should have capabilities to define and administer team hierarchies.
2. Support capabilities to define salary grades and compensation guidelines by country/division
3. Support for country level segmentation for HR data administration
4. Role based dashboards and analytics enforcing data segmentation and hierarchical business rules
5. Business rules for sharing summary/aggregated information and insight
6. Support for local compliance reporting

It is imperative for organizations to thoroughly evaluate the true global capabilities of vendor platforms prior to selection, to avoid surprises later in implementation.

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